The primary advantage of these foil cones is that they can be manufactured with high precision and have good flight characteristics. They are, in their way, adaptable to other calibers, although I personally only use .625 calibers. All of the information and tips I have given are therefore based on the caliber .625.

A possible disadvantage of my foil cones is that the manufacturing process is relatively time-consuming. For me, the production time is not a disadvantage. I can relax wonderfully during the production. The normal production time is approx. 5 minutes per foil cone. If you are a little practiced, you can get a foil cone in about 3:30 minutes. But it won't be much faster if the foil cone should be colored well through. The dyeing process in particular takes time. However, you can also give the foil cone a very personal touch in this way.

It should also be noted that the flight characteristics of foil cones can change over time. They wear out or become inaccurate through damage. If you know any other advantages or disadvantages of foil cones, please send me a message. I'll be happy to add that here.