The foil cones are attached to the shaft in the classic way. I chose silicone hoses with an inner diameter of 2 millimeters. The fact that the shafts themselves have a diameter of 2.5 millimeters means that the silicone tube is sufficiently secure. I use 3 different hoses to properly fix the foil cone. 

1. The lower fixation
The lower hose that I slide onto the shaft is 2 cm long. It ensures that the foil cone is pressed firmly against the upper fixation.

2. The upper fixation
For the upper fixation I use 2 different silicone hoses. The first, which serves as an inlay, so to speak, is the hose sleeve. It's an inch long. I put a silicone tube over it that is 0.5 cm long. It's a little fiddling, but worth it.

Here are the exact dimensions again:

lower fixation
- Length: 2 cm
- Hose: 2mm x 4mm

upper fixation
hose sleeve
- Length: 1 cm
- Hose: 2mm x 3mm

- Length: 0.5 cm
- Hose: 2mm x 5mm

It is important to cut the silicone hoses straight! If the ends are crooked, there is a risk that the foil cone will not be aligned centrally. This ensures unpredictable trajectories!!!

For this reason, I do not recommend cutting off the ends with scissors. A cutter knife is much more accurate.

silicone tubing
Aufbau Fixierung 1
Structure of the fixation
Optimaler Sitz
optimal fixation
faulty fixation