I keep getting questions about my website. Since some of these questions might also be of interest to others, I have listed them here. This list will be expanded at irregular intervals.

How far do these cones fly?

I cannot make a conclusive statement here. I tested the foil cones at a distance of 30 meters myself. My usual distance is 15 meters. I don't have a ballistic curve up to that distance. 

In which languages will the website be available?

The source language of this website is German. There is currently an automatic English translation available on request. If other languages are required, please info to me.  

Do you sell your foil cones?

No. It's a hobby of mine and not a commercial activity. My website is only for the exchange of information.  

How do I make foil cones for other calibers?

The first thing you should do is get a suitable winding aid for the different calibers. In my opinion, the curtain rod end piece I suggested is not suitable for smaller calibres. The smaller cone that can be produced with it would be far too short with a smaller caliber. In addition, the height of the cutter would have to be adjusted to the other caliber.