A successful foil cone is easy to recognize. It is even and round in shape. It has no air pockets in the different layers. It is well colored so that you can see it well at longer distances. In addition, it is not cut too short or too far at the top. Too tight means the shaft doesn't slide through easily. In this way, the foil cone cannot be well centered when the lower silicone hose is pushed up to fix it. If the foil cone is cut too far, the hole will be too big to give it enough support when it is fixed.
After the foil cone has been fixed, the finished arrow should be rotated in the hand. The film cone should not be unbalanced. Any imbalance has a negative impact on the flight characteristics.

gleichmäßige Form
Uniform shape
keine Lufteinschlüsse
no air pockets
voll durchgefärbt
Fully dyed
keine Unwucht
no imbalance