cutting mat

As a cutting pad I use an Altera cutting mat, cutting pad A3 (30x45cm), self-healing Altera PRO, green/black on both sides with a grid.

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Instead of foil, I use the particularly thin packing tape from Aldi Süd. Unfortunately, the packing tape is only a promotional item and, according to my research, can only be obtained from Aldi Süd at the time of the respective promotion. If anyone finds a similar packing tape or knows where Aldi Süd packing tape can be obtained elsewhere. Please info me.  

cutter knife

I use a special cutter to cut off the silicone hoses. It is an Olfa 2124430049 AK-1 Messer Art Knife (with 25 blades). The slanted shape of the blade is perfect for cutting hoses straight.

Source of supply: creative plotter


In principle, any good household scissors can be used. You really just have to cut well. I use the REMOS household scissors, universal scissors, pointed-round, straight cutting edge, 12 cm, stainless steel

Source of supply: Amazon


I primarily use Edding Type 3000 permanent markers. They can be bought anywhere. For this reason I spare myself the reference to a reference source.

silicone tubing

The following silicone hoses are required:

For the upper fixation a hose sleeve is required.
Silicone hose sold by the meter 1.5 mm x 2.5 mm

On the hose sleeve comes the stopper.
Silicone hose sold by the meter 2 mm x 5 mm

The foil cone itself is attached to the lower end with a fixation piece fastened.
Silicone hose sold by the meter 2 mm x 4 mm

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